Technology and craftsmanship to serve musical reproduction. Music has been, for as long as I can remember, a major part of my life. And for almost as long as that I have created, optimized and perfected musical devices. To achieve this I have found a balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology – the best of both worlds. Only trust your ears and let your senses decide.


We are first and foremost dedicated audiophiles and life long music lovers. Since the inception of TSS more than 35 years ago we have designed our products with one goal in mind - the closest connection possible to a live music experience in your home delivered by mechanical means. We firmly believe this can be achieved. Much of the progress to natural sound was done in the 1930-50s era with highly efficient speakers and tube based amplification. TSS bring these design traits into the 21st century along with further advances in sonic performance to align with modern day living.


Single Ended Triode (SET) amplifiers have a unique connection to music, the immediacy and the realistic timbre, midrange magic, taught bass and smooth extended highs. Our preamplifiers & power amplifiers use SET topology, along with hand-wound output transformers to deliver the very best in SET amplification today.We use carefully selection tube types and complimentary components such as NOS capacitors and silver point to point wiring. Everything that affects the sound is managed to the highest degree, result is ultimate performance, live music in your home.

Horn Speakers

Dating back to the 1930's, Horn Speakers were developed to produce a realistic sound level from small output tube amplifiers, typically less than 3 watts. The dynamics and soundstage produced by even these early designs has to be experienced to be believed. In our opinion, the birth of high end audio started here. We have been developing Horn Speakers since we started TSS, and apply the best modern practices to take things further. Our wide band high efficiency models bring a dynamic range and speed of transients not seen in any other type of speaker design. And by controlling every component we use, along with endless hours of testing and tuning, we arrive at the ideal solution for realistic sound reproduction.


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For the product line Fertigung Elektronik Technik, we are looking for an experienced and qualified personality at the Hergiswil location immediately or by appointment as a technician / electronics technician as well as an independent project manager in manufacturing electronics 100% (m/f).HR contact+41 41 320 37