We present the Signature 12 Horn Speaker, a breakthrough in performance

The 12 inch in our Signature series

Music reproduction from our Horn speakers possess a bouncy lightness and intense emotionality that makes you lose all sense of time. Or as a guest in our listening room recently put it: "A planned half hour turned into a whole night of music fun! You completely forget about the technology and listen to nothing but music".

The horn unit

Our horn is a very special development to meet our requirements. During the design process we excluded various materials such as plastic or wood from the outset for reasons of sound, we were left with a precisely defined construction. The horn is made of a special aluminium alloy and is drawn and shaped by hand from a single piece. The material thickness is also precisely defined as the horn only rests against the enclosure at one point for resonance reasons.

The compression driver

As you can see from our speaker specifications, we use large compression drivers from 4.0 inch for our 10 Signature and 12 Signature. The requirements for these drivers are particularly high, as frequency response and resonance require special attention, which we master through a special vaporization of wafer-thin shellac. Using these unique, exceptional drivers results in a very special reproduction of the music.

The Bass Woofer

All our new low frequency woofers are produced and optimized specifically for our bass horn. Features include a pure paper cone from 27 grams for our 10 inch model, 36 grams for our 12 inch and 68 grams for our 15 inch. They also have optimal Thiele - small parameters like Qms, Qes : Qts- and have 99db efficiency, dual damping control, 4-inch inside/outside copper voice coil, super strong magnets from 22.5 BL up to 29.5 BL for our 15 inch woofer.


Our bass horn woofer are capable of being sensitive enough to reproduce any style of music, regardless of volume. Listening to music that sweeps you away and touches you emotionally while offering a live musical experience between your own four walls and makes you addicted for more.

The cabinet design

It has long been known that a horn provides the most efficient transfer of acoustic energy to the air. It is also known that a properly designed horn type loudspeaker exhibits lower distortion, greater linearity, and more natural sounding reproduction than other types of loudspeaker systems. Bass Horns are also able to reproduce the dynamics of any given program material with stunning realism and minimum effort. Our specially designed bass horn utilises 4 different types of wood and has the incredible ability to deliver the tiniest dynamic changes and transparency completely independent of music style and volume. This speaker is able to recreate the emotions which are usually only experienced during live music events.
Technical Details

Speaker type

2-way system with Horn & dynamic driver

Bass Driver:

12 inch woofer

Mid-high driver:

TI-4.0 inch compression driver

Maximum power:

800 watts


8 ohms


99 db SPL/1W/1m

Frequency range:

20 Hz to 22kHz


138cm High x 43cm Wide x 53cm Deep



Order processing time:

On request



Country of manufacture:

Handmade in Stansstad Switzerland