The SC12 Preamplifier -simply uncompromising


All components which are critical for the end result, are manufactured especially for this preamplifier. For example our custom in-house developed 34 Steps Autoformer which can adjust the volume levels ultra-finely to illustrate the level of quality with zero loss. In all our products we are very passionate regarding the use of directly heated triodes (DHT) as our hallmark, without them we believe ultimate expression of music reproduction would not be possible.

Custom designed transformers

SC12 is made with 4 in-house custom-made state of the art E-Core and M-Core, power, ouput and signal transformers, Sliver internal wire and true point to point (PTP) wiring. Not less important is the choice of rectifier and DHT Triodes, where we use best possible current production tubes TA 300b which by their performance are the closest to legendary Western Electric 300b.

Swiss attention to detail

The sum of clever engineering, selection of best components and meticulous Swiss attention to details gives us a pre-amplifier which meets all the wishes and expectations of even the most critical audiophiles with a potent source. We strongly believe that we managed to create a one-of-a-kind preamplifier.
Technical Details

Output Tubes:

DHT VT62 / 801A  triode

Tube Variants:

10 Triode / VT25


4 x line RCA/XLR


2 x  line RCA/XLR

Output Transformer: 

P-5000 hand made Line output transformer
(output impedance 100 ohms)


Completely hand wired (point to point)

Power Supply:

M8-paper oil power supply


48 step Volume control 
5000-H autoformer volume Control 34 step (optional)


u52 / 5u4g (optional) 274B)


Preamplifier - 26kg
Power Supply - 28kg


420mm Wide x 320mm High x 400mm Deep

Country of manufacture:

handmade in Stansstad Switzerland