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Horn Speakers

The Technology

Highlight of our craftsmanship are certainly our loudspeaker developments made of different types of tonewood, which we select and assemble according to their quality and texture. Our unique and exclusive loudspeaker enclosures are 100% Swiss Made.

Our outstanding highlights in our craftsmanship are our loudspeaker constructions made from different types of tonewood. We select our tonewood types according to their quality and texture. After gluing, these wooden panels are carefully dried for weeks. Only after measuring the humidity in the wood are they processed on a CNC.

They all feature extremely large compression drivers and woofer chassis in the combination with our in-house developed constant directivity horn that represents a new dimension in horn based systems. Due to their size and quality, our high-midrange compression driver chassis are able to reproduce sound over an extremely large frequency bandwidth from 300Hz to 22000Hz without the need for a crossover.

Heart and thus the most important component of every loudspeaker is, and will remain, the crossover network for the low frequency range. The crossover unmistakably gives each loudspeaker its message, tonality and character. Having said that, the magic is to use as few components in the crossover as possible but as many as necessary to guarantee absolute cleanliness and purity of the sound.

We do not use any interfering components such as resistors in the signal path that can influence and deteriorate the sound. The frequency range from 300Hz to 22000Hz is reproduced in its purest format, absolutely seamless and with super fine resolution.

Even the extremely critical and sensitive frequency range from above 300Hz remains untouched and is not dismembered, divided or even supported digitally by a frequency crossover.

Horn loudspeakers from Tobian Soundsystems are 100% analog and they benefit optimally from the interplay of all highlighted technical solutions and are therefore capable of reproducing the most important part of the audible spectrum without any interruption.

Due to their sensitivity and all of these high lights they play back seamlessly from 20Hz to 22000Hz with just a handful of watts. The result is the perfect horn loudspeaker, ultra-fast, with a real depth resolution, purest timbres and perfect timing, deep and impactful bass providing a realistic feel which guarantees goose bumps….Your personal one-of-a-kind.