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SC8 - Triode Pre-Amplifier

SC8 - Triode PreAmplifier

The Magic of Directly Heated Triodes

In the world of ultimate HiFi nowadays, we have a feeling that importance of preamplifiers is still severely underestimated. In fact, the preamplifier is not only the control center, it is the heart and the soul of the entire reproduction chain, being responsible for establishing overall balance and harmony in the system.

Once you will hear DHT (Directly Heated Triode) tubes you will understand why there is no way back to conventional tube circuits.

Technical Specifications

DHT 71A / 171A triode 

driver tube - ecc802s / 12au7 / 5814 / 5963   

compartible e80cc - 12sn7 via adapter

4 x line-input / RCA/XLR

2 x  line output / RCA/XLR

P-5000 hand made Line output transformer (output impedance 100 ohm)

point to point wired

M6-paper oil power supply, (optional, weight 8kg extra)

48 step Volume control 

5000-H autoformer volume control 34 Step (optional)

tube Rectifier u52 / 5u4g (optional) 274B)

power Supply 29kg

preamplifier 27kg

dimensions: 420mm x 460mm x 250mm   B x H x T

handmade in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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