SC5 - Phono Pre-Amplifier

SC5 - LCR Phono PreAmplifier

available at May 2023

A unique LCR Phono Preamplifier

As an addition to our fantastic line stages, we have now developed this absolutely outstanding and ultra musical Phono stage.

First two stages of RIAA equilazation circuit in SC5 are built around NOS Western Electric JW2c51 tubes and in the output stages we deployed Directly Heated Triode (DHT) 171a, which is transformer coupled. This technical solution enabled SC5 to play open, dynamic and palpable at the same time, while sounding extremely homogeneous.

Hardly any other medium offers such a musical pleasure and immerse into music and forget everything around you.

Technical Specifications


Western Electric JW2c51 tubes

output DHT 171a triode

transformer coupled output impedance 100ohm

complete hand wired (point to point)

paper oil power supply

tube rectifier u52 / 5u4g

Weight: 28 kg

dimensions: 380mm x 400mm x 250mm   W x H x D

handmade in Stanstaad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

lifetime warranty (less tubes)

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