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SC5 - Phono Pre-Amplifier

SC5 - LCR Phono PreAmplifier

available at May 2023

A unique LCR Phono Preamplifier

The SC5 is a fully transformer coupled no-feedback LCR RIAA phono preamplifier. 

Through all of our developments we are trying to bring out the musicians to your own space conveying their emotions as they intended to do while performing/recording their music.
SC5 was developed to convey this emotion and not stand between You and the musician. 
To achieve this and to provide unlimited dynamic range we are using NOS ecc802S/12AU7 tubes in the first amplification stage which are known for their excellent sound quality and the musicality. 
The second amplification stage is built around the legendary NOS 6922/ecc88 tubes as they are also unique and famous in their wonderfull colored and detailed sound characteristics.  
In the output stage after many hours of listening tests and tube options, we decided to use E55L pentode in triode connection with 600 Ohm anode resistance and very high GM value. With this in mind, E55L offers a very organic sound reproduction with live sound characteristics.
One of the key elements is also our inhouse developed output transformer with the impedance of 600 Ohm which offers a one to one transfer in sound.
As with all our other amplifiers, SC5 LCR Phono preamplifier is exclusively using a massively oversized external M6 power supply with 2500V paper in oil capacitors and tube rectification which in our experience is an anchor point of any power supply. 
All these technical solutions enable SC5 to play open, dynamic and palpable at the same time, while sounding extremely homogeneous.
Enjoy your live experience at home!

Technical Specifications


first stage ecc802s / 12au7 Triode

second stage e88cc / 6922  triode

output stage E55L / Triode connected

transformer coupled output impedance 600ohm

complete hand wired pure Silver wire (point to point)

Preamplifier: 32 kg

M6 paper oil power supply 34Kg

tube rectifier u52 / 5u4g

dimensions: 440mm x 400mm x 480mm   B x H x T

handmade in Stanstaad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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