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SC10 - Phono Pre-Amplifier

SC10 - Phono PreAmplifier

After many years of development we are proud to introduce to the market our new State of the Art, LCR all transformer coupled Reference Phono preamplifier SC10.

The SC10 is completely hand wired with 99.99% pure Silver wire (point to point) and all components were newly developed for the SC10.

As an example, we can name a few like LCR inductors, all transformers leading with the permalloy output transformer with over 350H (Henrys) with a constant 100 ohm output impedance which is unique in the market.

We are mentioning several of those technical details, as we are extremely confident that those elements coupled with massively external power supply are the key anchor points which are creating the unforgettable rendering of the recorded material and ultimately creating one of a kind listening experience. Advantages of the implemented technical solutions and meticulous attention to details in both selection of components and their application becomes evident after the first tone You hear with SC10.

I am extremely proud of the entire team that has put countless hours into development of this exceptional SC10 LCR Phono Preamplifier.

Technical Specifications


unbalanced 600 ohm - 4 X 417A or EC8010

balanced   1200 ohm - 8 X 417A or EC8010

output stage 10 DHT triode 

Tube Rectifier 274B

all transformer coupled

hand made input selector

output Impedance 100 ohm

paper oil power supply

complete hand wired, point to point (99.99%) pure Silver

weight: phono section 28 kg

weight: power supply 26 kg

Power Supply 28kg

dimensions: 420mm x 320mm x 400mm    W x H x D

Preamplifier 26g

dimensions: 470mm x 320mm x 480mm    W x H x D

handmade in Stanstaad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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