SC1 - Triode Pre-Amplifier

SC1 - Triode PreAmplifier

The SC1…completely legal happiness drug.

Our new SC1 is a real five ★★★★★ transformer coupled Reference preamplifier. The SC1 is completely hand wired (point to point) and all components were newly developed especially for the SC1.

Our new AT-8000 line output transformer is pure-silver-wired based on super permalloy core of a huge core size with a inductivity from over 380 henrys - unique in the audiophile world

This low-distortion and ultra-musical line out output transformer is the ideal partner for our new SC1 and has helped us to bring to life this exceptional preamplifier.

Technical Specifications

4 x DHT 10  triode 

direct compartible - VT62 / 801A / VT25   

4 x line-input / RCA/XLR

2 x  line output / RCA/XLR

8000-H hand made Line output transformer (output impedance 100 ohm)

complete hand wired (point to point) 99.99% pure silver

M12-paper oil power supply

A - 8000 autoformer volume Control 34 step

Tube Rectifier 274B

weight 48 Kg preamplifier 

weight 54 Kg power supply

dimensions: 480mm x 540mm x 280mm   B x H x T

handmade in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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