MA100 - Power Amplifier

MA100 - Mono Amplifier

The outcome justified the approach "Cost and time no object“

Sooner or later there comes a time in the life of every audio engineer, when the question arises:

“How far can I push the limits in the quest for life like music reproduction?”

Based on our knowledge and expertise, combined with years of meticulous listening tests and comparisons, topology of amplifier represents one of the major design directions. Here we believe that Tube Push Pull Mono amplifiers combine the best of two worlds. The force of a state of the art Push Pull amplifier and the Triode magic of a reference Single-Ended Amplifier. With the Directly Heated Triode tubes like 211 or 242, a true tube power of up to 40 Watts per mono-block can be unleashed, which is sufficient to drive even the demanding speaker loads to the state of the bliss.

Needles to mention, outmost care has been given to the choice of best possible parts and materials in the MA100, ranging from the exceptional DHT tubes like WE 300b, new production TA 300b, 211, or the eternal 46 tube. For driver tubes we use exclusively Western Electric ones, while tube rectification is done by state of the art TA 274b.

We are extremely proud of the Power and Output Transformers as the special attention has been provided in their development and production done by the biggest authorities in their respective fields.

All of the above was tested and scrutinized again and again, until we have been able to completely sort the wheat from the chaff which brought us to complete satisfaction with the achieved results.

By now we assume that you reached a similar point in thinking as we did, arising with the same question: “How far can we push the limits in the quest for life like music reproduction?“. We believe that we have the answer to this question personified in MA100 mono amplifiers. The authenticity and authority with which the MA100 mono amplifiers celebrate any kind of music gives us the tranquility that we were looking for.

Our Push Pull Mono Amplifier MA100 reflects the heart and soul of music. You owe to Yourself to hear them at least once.

Technical Specifications

power ouput 20 Watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms

242 / 211
power ouput 40 Watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms

46 Tube 10 Watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms

driver Tubes Western Electric 417A

Tube Rectifier 274B

Paper Oil Power Supply

Output and input transformer hand made (inhouse)

The MA100 is complete hand wired (point to point) with 99.99% pure Silver

dimensions: 320 x 280 x 500 mm (B x H x T)

weight: 44 kg per Monoblock

hand made in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

lifetime warranty (except tubes)

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