MA100 - Power Amplifier

MA100 - Mono Amplifiers

The fully balanced Push Pull MA100 combines the best of both worlds I wanted to bring together: the power of a state-of-the-art triode Push Pull reference mono power amplifier and the magic of a reference single ended amplifier.

With our MA100 mono power amplifiers, three legendary power triodes are freely available for selection according to your taste as well as needs.

If a little more power is needed, the Legendary 300B is also available upon request.

The MA100 reflect the heart and soul of music...

Technical Specifications

2 x 46  / 2 x 2A3 triode ( select )

driver tube 5692 / 6SN7GT / VT231

power ouput 10 - 15 Watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms

2 x 300b triode

driver 2 x 42 tube Triode conected 

power ouput 22 watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms  

tube rectifier 274B

paper oil power supply

output and interstage transformer Swiss made 

complete hand wired (point to point) with 99.99% pure silver

dimensions: 320 x 380 x 600 mm   B x H x T

weight: 47 kg per monoblock

hand made in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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