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Über Tobian Soundsystems

Tobian Soundsystems

About us

Technology and craftsmanship to serve musical reproduction. Music has been, for as long as I can remember, a major part of my life. And for almost as long as that I have created, optimized and perfected musical devices. To achieve this I have found a balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology – the best of both worlds. Only trust your ears and let your senses decide.


We are pleased to welcome you in our studio for an individual demonstration.

Studio Tobian Soundsystems GmbH
Rotzbergstrasse 15
6362 Stanstaad


For the product line Manufacturing Technology we are looking for an experienced and qualified person as technician / electronic technician and independent project manager in Manufacturing Electronics 100% (m/f) at our location in Hergiswil with immediate effect or by appointment.

HR Contact

+41 41 320 37 25
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.