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State-of-the-art horn loudspeaker systems and tube amplifier concepts are absolute top products for enthusiasts and music lovers. Our products are made in the finest handwork, uncompromising in development and technology as well as in the selection of the most exclusive materials and their processing.

Tobian Soundsystems has one hand for the extraordinary and for exclusivity "the guarantee" for a new dimension of unique high-performance products.


6 September 2022

The new MA100 Mono Power Amplifiers


Highlight of our craftsmanship are certainly our loudspeaker developments made of different types of tonewood, which we select and assemble according to their quality and texture.

Our unique and exclusive loudspeaker enclosures are 100% Swiss Made.


Demonstrations in our studio

We are pleased to welcome you in our studio at Via San Gottardo 235 in Minusio (Switzerland).

Please book an appointment with us for an individual demonstration.


All of our DHT triode preamplifiers and mono amplifiers are completely symmetrical from input to output, completely transformer-coupled and built point-to-point for you personally by hand.

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