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MA200 - Power Amplifier

MA200 - Mono Amplifiers

This is the End...

Reference 300b Mono Amplifiers 

Complete DHT mono amplifiers with the 46 triode and the legendary 300b power triode in push pull configuration, full balanced, full transformer coupled and complete silver wired.

Technische Daten


power ouput 22 Watts at 4/ 8/16 ohms

2X 300B triode

2 X 46 triode 

rube rectifier 2 x 274B (standard)

paper oil power supply

all transformer Swiss made 

complete hand wired (point to point) 99.99% pure silver

dimensions: 360 x 440 x 700 mm  B x H x T

weight: 84 kg per monoblock

handmade in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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